In 2018, my world came crashing down. It seemed like I had lost everything.

Emerging from a tumultuous 20-year marriage with a narcissistic alcoholic who betrayed and abused me, I then faced the empty nest when my youngest son joined the military.

Amidst the chaos, I grasped onto the corporate world for stability and insurance, only to be unexpectedly let go just a day before my son's departure.

With no one but my aging parents for support, I moved back in with them, unknowingly setting the stage for a string of hardships that awaited me.

Within three months of my move, I found myself unemployed once again, and my parents, burdened by their own challenges, forced me out of their home.

Suddenly, I was thrust into homelessness, accumulating debt while relying on credit cards and gig apps like Uber Eats, Instacart, and DoorDash to scrape by.

Desperately seeking to rebuild my marketing company, progress was painstakingly slow.

At my darkest moment, I succumbed to despair and consumed a bottle of sleeping pills, believing it was my only escape.

But as fate would have it, I woke up the next morning, angry at God for not granting me peace through my actions. In that moment, something shifted within me.

I grasped my Bible and journal, pouring my heart onto the pages. Nurturing a grateful spirit, I fervently prayed day and night, tears streaming down my face. Miraculously, around 90 days later, God began weaving his magic.

He introduced individuals into my life who believed in me and my business. These generous souls provided opportunities, compensated me fairly as a marketing director, and helped me transform my struggling venture into a six-figure enterprise. Within six months, I found myself working closely with the industry's top coaches, utilizing my marketing expertise effectively. God's voice whispered in my ear, urging me to write a book, and so I did.

"The Gratitude Journal "

In March 2020, my debut book, "The Gratitude Journal," a 365-day devotional, was released. It soared to number one bestseller status within two hours, conquering the charts in seven different countries. The world was unexpectedly experiencing the grip of a global pandemic, and my book provided solace and positivity during these trying times. Grateful hearts were able to find refuge within its pages. To further spread inspiration, I created a morning talk show, where I interviewed over 400 esteemed guests over the following two years. Icons such as Les Brown, Ray and Jessica Higdon, Kimberly Olson, Michelle Cunningham, Sara and Tony Zolecki, Julie Burke, Todd Falcone, and countless other successful entrepreneurs graced my show. Syndicated across eight platforms, our reach extended to over 2.5 million eager viewers.

Empowered by these relationships and my growing reputation, a client approached me seeking guidance on writing their own book. This led me to develop my revolutionary "120 Days to Bestseller" program, which has since assisted over 50 entrepreneurs and coaches in crafting their own bestselling works. The year continued to unfold in my favor, culminating in the release of my second book, "Beyond Gratitude: Strategies to Attract and Connect More Clients." This pivotal work propelled my marketing business to new heights, enabling me to help numerous entrepreneurs and coaches master the art of social media and forge meaningful connections with potential clients.

Now, standing proudly five years later, I have nurtured a thriving multiple six-figure enterprise. A remarkable team stands beside me, supporting our endeavors, while my passion for launching impactful books continues to fuel my purpose. As I facilitate others in sharing their own stories of triumph and growth, I am reminded that life's hardships are not the end but rather stepping stones toward a brighter future. So, if you find yourself journeying through darkness or enduring a rough patch, please remember this: it is not the end, and there is more to come. God has infinite plans


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