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In this comprehensive package, you'll find everything you need to kickstart your collaboration book journey. From step-by-step guides on identifying potential collaborators to proven strategies for building profitable partnerships, this package covers it all. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, the Ultimate Collaboration Book Package provides invaluable resources to help you navigate the world of collaboration with confidence and ease.

What sets this package apart is its focus on delivering practical insights and actionable advice. You'll gain access to expert tips and techniques for effective networking, creating win-win collaborations, and maximizing the benefits of working together.

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Ready to skyrocket your authority, expand your network, and boost your income through collaboration? Introducing the Ultimate Collaboration Book Package with Tina Torres - The Coaching Edition!

With this comprehensive package, you'll receive everything you need to kickstart your collaboration book journey:


Find Your Dream Team:

Bring together 20 to 30 like-minded individuals to create a powerful collaboration book. Diverse perspectives and expertise will combine to create an extraordinary masterpiece.


Expert Promotion Guidance

Tina Torres, your dedicated coach, will help you craft attention-grabbing templates and provide innovative marketing ideas to ensure maximum exposure for your project.


Seamless Collaboration Management

Our professionally drafted contract keeps all authors aligned and focused, eliminating coordination chaos.


Eight Weeks of Personal Coaching

Tina Torres will conduct regular coaching sessions, guiding your group through the collaborative writing process and maximizing your impact as authors.


Exclusive Rights & Lifetime Royalties

Retain full ownership of your masterpiece and enjoy lifetime royalties generated from book sales—an investment in your longterm success.


Professional Formatting & Editing

Leave the technical hassles to us! Our skilled team will ensure your collaboration book is professionally edited and formatted for Amazon and Amazon Kindle.


Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

Collaborate on a compelling landing page to expand your reach and grow your audience.


Graphics, Marketing Materials & Templates

Receive personalized graphics, email marketing templates, and content to captivate your readers.


Media Exposure & Bestseller Status

Gain major media exposure and a press release highlighting your best-selling author status.


Professional Design Elements

Custom-designed book cover, spine, back cover, and a personalized Media sheet to represent your brand.


Collaborative List Building

Harness the collective power of all authors to achieve remarkable email list growth.

Don't miss this chance to establish yourself as an influential author, expand your network, and increase your income.

We look forward to working with you on this project.

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Here's what our collaboration book offers to our authors:


Eight weeks of personalized coaching

from Tina Torres, the renowned self-publishing expert. With her guidance, you'll gain the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the world of self-publishing successfully.


The opportunity to contribute a chapter to a best-selling book.

Your chapter will be prominently featured, showcasing your unique insights and expertise. It will consist of 2500 words crafted by you, ensuring your voice and message shine through.


A professional bio and headshot

will be included alongside your chapter. This will enhance your credibility and professional image, making readers eager to connect with you.


Access to an extensive network

of like-minded individuals who are also contributing to the book. This presents valuable networking opportunities, allowing you to build relationships and expand your professional circle.


Exposure to an audience

you might not have reached otherwise. Being part of a bestselling book increases your visibility and opens doors to new audiences, potentially boosting your brand and business.


The chance to achieve best-seller status.

With our comprehensive marketing strategies, including targeted promotion and strategic launch campaigns, we aim to propel our book to the top of the charts. This prestigious accomplishment will highlight your chapter and give you an additional layer of recognition.


The press release for our book launch

will target major media channels such as Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Seeing your name and expertise featured on these platforms will provide additional validation and exposure for your personal brand.

Join us today and secure your chapter in this compelling collaboration book.

The benefits you'll receive will not only elevate your reputation but also provide immense value to your personal and professional development.

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