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10 things to do each Sunday to guarantee your week of Success

10 things to do each Sunday to guarantee your week of Success

October 13, 20203 min read

Each Sunday I take some time off and get a few things done to make my week go a lot better and more organized.

So many people ask me how I am able to time block my schedule to get so much done.

So I decided to give you this list of things I do each Sunday to make sure I get a good start to my week.

Here are 10 things to do each Sunday to guarantee your week to go right?!

  1. Enjoy your time off: Lounge in your bed, binge watch your favorite show on Netflix, simply enjoy your time off

  2. Get enough sleep: it’s important that you give yourself enough sleep each night before tackling your next day. But something you can do on Sunday night is go to bed a little earlier see you can get a few more hours have a good rest

  3. Go outdoors: take a long walk with your dog, take a hike with your girlfriend, just go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine

  4. Clear out your inbox: while you are binge watching Netflix, you can take the time to clear out your inbox, clear out your spam, and unsubscribe from those emails that you hate getting. What a great way to multitask!

  5. Catch up on your laundry: you can do this while you’re binge watching Netflix as well , put a load in take a long walk with your dog , come back switch out the laundry put a movie on you can do all of this while you are doing a few of these other things as well . And your start the week off with nice clean clothes. You can also plan out what you’re going to wear for the week knowing that all of your clothes are right there in front of you

  6. Meal prep: by preparing your breakfast, lunch and your dinners on Sunday, you’ll be able to grab and go throughout the week. Especially if you are a busy mom, or entrepreneur that has little time to eat during the week.

  7. Declutter your surroundings: take some time to organize everything so you can start your week off right. Organize your closet, your pantry, clean out your refrigerator, make sure everything has a place

  8. Go grocery shopping: by going grocery shopping at the beginning of each week, you can be sure that you have enough food at home and won’t need to spend money eating out. This will really help with your meal prep as well. You can even order your groceries via one of those fancy apps and have them delivered, saving you time and money seeing that you won’t be at the grocery store buying things you don’t need

  9. Time block your week: if you have an urgent deadline coming up, make sure you schedule time to finish that project. Schedule time for your personal care, your morning routine and nighttime routine, even checking your emails and getting on social media should be time blocked. Check out my You Tube Channel for more on Time Blocking.

  10. Create a To Do list: by writing down everything you need to get accomplished during the upcoming week, you will be able to better plan each day and won’t be surprised by any deadlines. This will also help with your time blocking as well, and you will be able to get more done every single day knowing what you have to do. You can also prioritize each item.

Start using this simple list to help you start your week off right.  Getting organized is the best way to a successful business and you will be extra excited at the end of the week knowing all you have accomplished during the week.

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