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8 Work/Life Habits every Successful Entrepreneur MUST do

8 Work/Life Habits every Successful Entrepreneur MUST do

August 18, 20203 min read

During this quarantine time, I thought I would get so much more done than I have. Although I got a lot done, it wasn’t nearly as much as I thought I would get done. Time blocking hasn’t been my friend. I teach time blocking to all of my clients, and the importance of using time blocking. Sometimes the coach needs coaching. So back to the drawing board on time blocking and the importance of it.

So, I put together this simple 8 step check list so you can be successful every day in your life and manage that Balanced work life. Actually, this was more for me but hey, we can all use a little more time blocking help, RIGHT?!

  1. Set working hours for the week ahead: When you preset these hours and stick to them, you can create that balance ahead of time. Although you may need to switch things around a bit you will still be able to add those important tasks to the week, and make sure you aren’t overloading yourself

  2. Unplug when you are NOT working: This one is pretty hard for me as I am a workaholic and if someone needs something done, and or I have a deadline then Tina works till it is done. That is NOT good. You will get burned out and you will have a set back somehow some way.

  3. Take at least one day off per week: I usually take Sundays off and do absolutely nothing. I may or may not even take a shower, (no judgements). I unplug, relax, binge watch some Netflix (my favorite show right now is Private Practice, I know it is old, but I never watched it)

  4. Schedule one admin day per week. This one you can outsource if you have a VA, but if not, this is a must. Creating blog post, updating your CRM, updating your budget etc. All these mundane tasks that you hate to do but they MUST be done.

  5. Schedule your family time ahead of time. Being an empty nester now this one is easy for me. However, I still need to plan my girlfriend time, date night (those are fun these days) and social time. But if you do have little ones at home, they need your time. Schedule family movie night and make sure you put those phones down and give them your undivided attention.

  6. Schedule those self-care nights or days. This is a must, especially now in this time. People are starting to get a little depressed and if you are like me and an extrovert you are really missing people. So, make sure you schedule time, to do a detox bath, facial, mani/pedi, have a glass of wine or 2 and enjoy yourself. Check out my blog post next week on self-care tips and ways to show yourself a little love.

  7. Have a dedicated work space. I just recreated my workspace for the morning show, so I can have a real pretty background. Now I love coming into my office space. But when it is time to shut down, I shut it all down, clean up my space, and move on.

  8. Create a morning routine and a nighttime routine and stick to it. Watch out for my blog post on morning routines and nighttime routines every business owner needs to do. Watch what these top income earners do and do that. Are they binged watching tv every day? Are they putting off their health? Or are they creating a routine each morning, working out, writing in their journal, practicing gratitude (YAY my favorite thing)

Start with these simple steps so you can create a work/life balance and you will not get burned out and who knows you may even be a little bit more productive each day!

If you are struggling trying to regain that work/life balance, join us in my FB Group where I give tips each day on how to overcome many obstacles most entrepreneurs have.

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